Going abroad is a window of opportunities. If you have had the opportunity of doing an internship abroad, we are pretty sure that you have asked yourself “Why is this good for me?”, “Why should I go abroad?

Let us help you and offer you with 3 reasons to consider before deciding to go abroad.

1 – Experiencing a new culture 

Undeniably, one of the biggest reasons why people travel is that it gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures.  With an ESPA internship you get the chance to really understand different cultures and peoples behaviors. It allows you to open your mind to different ways of thinking and, ultimately, learn how to build and maintain relationships.  

Living and working with people from different backgrounds is a fantastic way to develop communications. Have you ever given this a thought? 

2 – Personal development 

Nowadays this is something that is often talked about but perhaps not fully understood. What better way to gain experiences that will change your perspective than to completely put yourself out there in a new country, environment and challenge. Sound fun?  

3 – Career development  

We are all looking for continuous improvement to enable us to be better at what we do. This is also trying what is not your jam and  here you go, you find yourself learning and improving by entering a challenge that will change your life. 

If you haven’t been able to come to a decision about travelling and doing an internship abroad before now, then the reasons above are going to help you decide. So, what are you waiting for?

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