Why An ESPA Placement?

Help with a project, eye opening insight into an export market, getting the most out of existing business relationships…Why an ESPA student can be the cost effective answer to your plans.

We do the work for you

One of our ESPA representatives will come and visit you to learn more about you, your company and your aims in accepting a student. They will take detailed notes and write your job advertisement for you. Typically placements are for 6 months duration but can be varied if necessary. We then work very hard to ensure we get you the right person for the job. We will pre-interview all suitable candidates and offer you a shortlist of the best qualified students for your vacancy. Once you have made a choice, we will organise everything from accommodation to travel to make sure the student gets to you on time and ready to go.

What is the cost?

You don’t need to pay the student any wages or salary, and no NI of course, as their living expenses are covered by a European grant. ESPA charge a recruitment fee, typically less than a third of the industry standard for full time positions, then you will pay a fixed monthly amount to ESPA to cover the student’s accommodation, utility bills and travel to and from work. This can vary slightly depending on rents in your local area but will usually be about £500 per month and will be agreed with you before the placement commences.

What can a student offer me?

ESPA students are highly educated and driven. They come from a variety of academic disciplines, you choose what’s right for you. They will have an excellent standard of English, and also be fluent in at least one other language, often several.