Help with a project, eye-opening insight into an export market, getting the most out of existing business relationships and a lot more answers as to why an ESPA intern can be the cost-effective solution to your needs.

High Calibre Students

  • The average age of our students is 24, with many undertaking their second degree or a masters. They will most likely have already undertaken an internship during their previous degree, and so will not be new to the world of work.
  • Clients who have worked with us before find that one month of intense training is all that’s needed before ‘letting them loose’

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Wide & diverse pool of talent

  • We work with over 1,000 universities internationally. If a university teaches it, then we can access the talent. It also enables us to be picky.  We only choose the top 10% to put forward for roles in client companies.
  • All students will have an excellent standard of English and are also fluent in at least one other language, often several.

We do the work for you

  • We can help at every stage:
  • Helping to put together the job spec
  • Sifting through CVs
  • Providing you with a shortlist
  • Organising Interviews
  • Sorting out VISAs for your intern
  • Finding accommodation
  • Looking after them pastorally once they are in the role

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There are minimal costs

  • Our students are funded through the ERASMUS Grant. This means that they are paid an allowance via their university.
  • There is a modest booking & set up fee for ESPA – typically far less than normal external recruitment fees.
  • You will pay a fixed monthly amount to ESPA to cover the student’s accommodation and utility bills. This can vary slightly depending on rents in your local area and will be agreed with you before the placement commences.
  • Worried that not paying them will affect their output? The majority have the internship abroad as a compulsory part of their studies.  This counts towards their final grade. It’s rare we get anything less than 100% commitment, and if there are any problems, we’re here to deal with them. Of course you are welcome to top up their grant with a supplement payment if you wish to do so.

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