Why hire an intern through ESPA?

  • We have an established vast talent pool across a variety of academic disciplines, if it’s taught, we can access it.
  • Highly educated and driven students, only the top 2,5% will get hired.
  • We are quick – In 4 weeks we will put together a shortlist and you just choose the person that is right for you.

How long does an internship program last?

  • Typically, placements are for 6 months duration but can be varied if necessary.

What can a student offer me?

  • Hosting an international grant-funded intern for six months can reduce costs by giving you a helping hand with a project, providing eye-opening insight into an export market, the latest digital tech, or helping with the pre-monetisation of a role.
  • An intern can be a unique solution to temporary cost-effective recruitment needs.

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Is there a specific window for taking on an intern?

  • Our pool of international students aren’t tied to specific start/end dates because of the way their degrees work, meaning that we can place students in every month of the year.
  • Our flexibility in being able to fill internships all year round allows us to work with businesses that have requirements outside the typical start/end dates of the UK sandwich/placement year.

What is the cost?

  • Our students are funded through the ERASMUS Grant. This means that they are paid an allowance via their university – no headcount, no NI.
  • There is a modest booking & set up fee for ESPA – typically far less than normal external recruitment fees.
  • You will pay a fixed monthly amount to ESPA to cover the student’s accommodation and utility bills. This can vary slightly depending on rents in your local area and will be agreed with you before the placement commences.
  • Worried that not paying them will affect their output? The majority have the internship abroad as a compulsorily part of their studies.  This counts towards their final grade.  It’s rare we get anything less than 100% commitment, and if there are any problems, we’re here to deal with them.

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Who is an average ESPA intern?

  • The average age of our students is 24, with many of them undertaking their second degree, or a masters.
  • They will most likely have already undertaken an internship during their previous degree, and so will not be new to the world of work.
  • Clients who have worked with us before find that one month of intense training is all that’s needed before ‘letting them loose’.
  • They will have an excellent standard of English, and are also fluent in at least one other language, often several.

How do I get an intern?

  • Book your free assessment today by clicking on the “I’m intrested” button and one of our ESPA representatives will arrange a meeting with you to learn more about you, your company, and your aims in accepting a student.
  • If you wish to proceed, they will take detailed notes and compose a job advertisement for you.
  • Our Talent Team will pre-interview all suitable candidates and offer you a short list of the best-qualified students for your vacancy.
  • Once you have made a choice, our supportive Placement Team will organize everything from accommodation to relocation, to make sure the student gets to you on time and ready to go.

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