This weekend the ESPA team went for the annual company Christmas trip. Three days of fun and exploring which took place in and around Liverpool.

The weekend started with a train journey to the City, on the 5th, followed by a lovely dinner together.


On Friday some of us went to Manchester to tour the city with stops at Manchester’s Art Gallery, the Science Museum and the Christmas market. Others drove up to beautiful Snowdonia for a nice walk and sightseeing and some remained in Liverpool!



As well as exploring the City of Liverpool on Saturday, the main event was the Christmas dinner party at a wonderful hotel dedicated to The Beatles. We all got to share a lovely Christmassy meal and party and dance all night long.

This was an amazing team building activity and loads of quality time together out of the office. A great way to bond and get to know each other better with lots of new stories to share. We can all agree that it was a very well spent weekend that won’t be forgotten.