“ESPA are highly professional organisation and they manage the intern process very well in terms of selection, interview, recruitment and handling their accommodation etc. I have pretty much built my business in terms of human resource via ESPA.”

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From start to finish, the process is simple. ESPA covers everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Step 1:  One of our ESPA representatives will arrange a meeting to learn more about you, your company, and your aims in accepting a student. They will take detailed notes and compose a role advertisement for you.

Step 2:  We advertise the role on our website, send it directly to the relevant faculties of our university network, and utilise many other job boards. We interview the best candidates from our talent pool and check if their skills and motivations match your requirements.

Step 3: As a starting point, within 4 weeks we come back to you with a shortlist of approximately 5 of the best candidates suited for you to interview.

Step 4:  You offer the role to the right candidate

Step 5:  ESPA confirms the start dates and organises everything like the Visa and the accommodation for the student to be able to start.

Step 6:  Your intern starts

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