“I have pretty much built my business in terms of human resource via ESPA. We were seeking highly specialist trained scientists and they found us a continuously strong pool of folks from which we selected and eventually we kept 80% of them on as full-time staff.”

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Growing and scaling a business is challenging.

Finding the talent to fill the roles you need, whilst keeping the staff costs reasonable is a key challenge. There may be new projects that need resourcing, but only for a short time frame.  Roles that you’re just not sure you can justify full time. Or specialist talent that you can’t find locally.

ESPA offers an alternative talent solution.

Working with over 1,000 universities internationally, we source and support high-calibre grant-funded interns from across all disciplines, including business development, marketing, and finance to do a work placement in the UK.

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The service is all-inclusive.

We will work with you to
    • understand the role
    • write the job spec
    • shortlist the candidates
    • organise the VISA
    • organise accommodation
    • provide pastoral support throughout their stay

ESPA: Enabling rapid business growth whilst maximizing EBITDA

Why an ESPA Placement?

4 key reasons to choose ESPA

How does it work?

Your guide to the recruitment and onboarding process

Frequently Asked Questions?

The answers to some of the burning questions we hear

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