Yes it’s free!

ESPA will not charge you any fees for finding your placement abroad. We look for growing businesses here in the UK and Ireland who will take you and your skills seriously.

Are You Eligible?

ESPA vacancies are open to all EU passport holders able to travel to the UK or Ireland for an educational work placement, without the need for visa documents. If you have a Non-EU passport but are studying in one of the 33 Erasmus+ countries, and are able to confirm you will receive an Erasmus+ grant status, you are eligible to apply for our internship offers abroad and ESPA will assist with the visa process you will need to undertake.


All ESPA’s services are free for students and alumni. The benefits are:

1) Paid Accommodation.

2) Paid Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water and council tax) + Internet Access

3) Commuter travel to work (accommodation will be found within an acceptable commuting distance from the workplace if that requires more than a sensible walk then a bus/train ticket will be provided).

This will be sourced and managed on your behalf by ESPA.

There is no salary over and above the benefits offered unless specifically stated.