High Quality Placements

At ESPA we go to great lengths to ensure we recruit vibrant companies who will provide high quality placements for your students. We visit each company in person to ascertain that they will provide a valid role within the company, will value the student and be committed to their development in a working environment.

In-Placement Support

Our aim is to nurture ongoing relationships with businesses so that they continue to work with us and your students on a rolling programme. During each placement, we are continually in touch with both the student and the company so that we can check both parties are happy with their progress. In the unlikely event of any problems, ESPA will act as a mediator to resolve issues.

Your Placement Requirements

We understand that students of courses such as International Business and Marketing find it easier to get placements in the UK due to the demand from the host companies. If you require any particular type of placement, for example Civil Engineering, IT, Law, Architecture etc, please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to fulfill them.

Accommodation Sourced & Managed

We will find appropriate accommodation for your students, preferably sharing with other students or young professionals. All rent, utility bills and broadband is covered by the placement company and all the student needs to find is their living expenses, which should be covered by their funding.

UK Experience

We want your students to have fun as well as work hard. Our dedicated team will help your student to find their way around the UK, with travel advice, places to stay and will even organise small group trips if a number of students wish to do the same thing.

You & ESPA

We would like to forge strong links with all universities and educational establishments whose students use ESPA. If you would like to meet us in person and hear more about our vision and values, we’d love to come and visit you. Just let us know at edu@espauk.com and we’ll arrange it!