As we know making a good impression on your first interview can get you the job/interview. Here are our top interview tips for 2020 for successfully selling yourself as a valuable asset to any company.

So, how to get ready to make a good impression?

       Before the interview

  • Thoroughly research and analyse the company and job description;
  • Prepare yourself so that you feel comfortable speaking about your CV in English and your work experience in relation to the position. Highlight your specific skills and knowledge for this vacancy. Remember to really sell yourself;
  • Research the internet for some typical interview questions, for example, strengths and weaknesses, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time, tell me about how you handled a difficult;
  • Prepare some answers and be ready for ad hoc and bespoke questions as well;
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    Preparing for a Skype Interview

  • Location: Choose a place that will not distract the interviewer’s attention. Be aware of your surroundings and background;
  • Lighting: Make sure the lighting is either above you or in front of you so that the interviewer can see your face clearly;
  • Get used to Skype: Get to know the functions and settings before the interview. Make sure your Skype is functioning well before the interview, also check your microphone and camera. Ask a friend to help you test it;
  • Make sure your any other mobile devices are in the silent mode and close any chat windows or other programs that might make sounds;
  • If you are using a phone for the interview, make sure you have enough battery for a 30 to 40-minute call;
  • Dress code: We recommend that you wear professional clothes, even though it is not a face to face interview.

       Conducting an interview

  • While on an interview, remember to maintain eye contact and to smile! Non-verbal communication can create a great first impression;
  • Use active listening skills and let your interviewer know you have heard what was said. If you haven’t heard the question properly, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat the question;
  • Answer the question and describe your experiences clearly and logically, introducing your specific skills appropriately. The interviewer will want to understand your ability to relate your knowledge and skills with the current position. Try to let them know what you can bring to the company both personally and professionally;
  • The interview is a professional meeting. Behave with enthusiasm and energy without talking to much or being “over familiar”;
  • Have some questions about the company ready, that you want answered. This demonstrates that you have a genuine interest.


These are our interview tips for 2020.

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