What to do to find an Internship in the UK?

As a student or maybe a recent graduate, you may be wondering what you need to be eligible for an internship in the UK. Here’s what you need to know to apply to our internships.

Let me start by saying congratulations on taking the first steps towards your professional career. An internship in the UK is an excellent way to gain genuine work experience relevant to your studies and CV. This is also taking a huge step towards establishing your independence. In addition, improving your language skills and becoming familiar with new cultures.

So, what do you need to be able to take an internship in the UK with us?

If you have EU nationality, you will need:

  • an EU passport or an ID with your nationality;
  • student status for the full duration of the internship, which is typically 6 months;
  • confirmation that you will get grant funding and/or will be able to support yourself along with the benefits that ESPA provides.

If you don’t have EU nationality or student status, you will need:

  • to provide evidence that you are eligible for an Erasmus or Erasmus zero grant from your university.

However, if you are not familiar with the Erasmus programme, it is an amazing venture that enables students to finance an internship abroad. Individual universities determine the amount of grant students receive and for how long. If you are not entitled to grant funding for the entire 6 months we wont be able to help you. To know if you are eligible to receive Erasmus or not, visit your university’s international office.

In case you have any other questions for us, please email us at admin@espauk.com and we will answer any questions you have to the best of our ability.

You may be wondering why it is necessary for students to be eligible for Erasmus. UK law states that interns must have Erasmus status if they don’t have student status. Moreover, if you’re not eligible for  your university’s grant you can still obtain Erasmus status by getting an Erasmus Zero Grant or Erasmus status without the grant.

If you are from or living in Spain and under the age of 30, you are automatically eligible to receive a Chamber of Commerce. This grant gives you all the same benefits as Erasmus.



Why do an internship abroad


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