Why a cover letter?

Including a cover letter when applying can increase your chances to draw attention to your profile, impress your future employer, get an interview invitation and secure a placement.

Writing a cover letter is additional however, most employers prefer to receive it. With this letter, you have a chance to provide further information about your background, explain why you are the right fit for this role, why you could be an asset and why you are interested in working for the company.

What should be included?

Please note, cover letters should be written for each role, and personalised for each company.

Some key points when writing a cover letter are:

  • A short introduction and personal statement: who you are, what you study and what you are looking for.
  • Experiences: what you have learnt, and you feel is relevant for the role you are applying to.
  • Skills that could be an asset.
  • Why you are interested in the company and the internship.
  • What you could learn.

Key facts to take into account:

It’s important to do your research on the company and read the vacancy description thoroughly before you start your cover letter. It must reflect that you know what the company does and what tasks you might be performing. Highlighting some facts about the company and the tasks you are interested could catch the eye of the employers.

We understand that writing a letter in a foreign language can be difficult. However, you should double check if there are spelling mistakes and try to be grammatically correct.

Cover letters should not be too long, 1 or two pages maximum are recommended.


For further tips, information and templates please click here.