My little sister (18) and I (Chloe) wanted to visit Scotland for a while now, but we have never had the opportunity to do it. So when she arrived at Bath to visit me, I decided to surprise her by going to Scotland for the week end. I came to the UK from France with my own car so I can go wherever I want to, even if the diesel here is really expensive.

We left Bath on Friday evening, luggage in the trunk, water and crisps in the front, ready for a 6 hour road trip to Gretna, our first stop. My sister arrived the day before, so we had a lot to talk about, and the trip went fast.

We arrived at about 11pm at a lovely Bed & Breakfast in Gretna, on the Scottish border line.

After a short night, we were on the road again to the Glengoyne’s Distillery near Glasgow. There we tasted 12, 15 and 18 years old whiskies and discover the secrets of their manufacture.


After an entire morning drinking whisky which revealed me that I don’t like it, we headed to Loch Lomond under the Scottish sun. We were invited to take part in a typical Scottish music band composed of 4 men wearing kilts and playing bagpipes. From this moment, we knew we were in Scotland.


Then we went to the Ballock Castle, in West Dunbartonshire. There we had the displeasure to discover that it is closed to public. But we took great pictures of the exterior of the Castle and its park.

We ended our day going to Glasgow for some shopping. I have to say that Glasgow is not as nice as we expected, but my doctor told me so a few days ago, so he was right. The city is really dirty, but the city center is worth to go. We, of course, bought some typical Scottish postcards and souvenirs.

In the evening we went to a pub, where we ate some fish and chips and drank beer to feel like real Scottish girls, and then we went to our hostel.

edin On Sunday we woke up early to enjoy our last day in Scotland. We went first to Edinburgh, where we were amazed by all the excitement in the streets, all the choir singers like in Glee, all the crazy people dressed up walking around.

Edinburgh is a really wonderful city, with beautiful buildings and landscapes. We spent hours just walking in the streets, enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

At about 2pm, after having some troubles to pay the car parking (the machine didn’t want to take our Scottish banknote, which is unbelievable as we were in Scotland) it was already time to leave as we had about 8 hours to drive to go back home.

We were stuck in traffic near Manchester so we decided to stop in a small town to have dinner. We had some really spicy Thai chicken and chocolate brownie.

It was already 9pm when we left but there was not a lot of traffic so we arrived in Bath at about midnight.

This weekend in Scotland was absolutely fabulous. My sister and I had a really good time walking in beautiful cities and enjoying being together in a country we dreamed of visiting. Our week end was sunny and warm, how could it have been more perfect?

If you go to the UK with your car, don’t hesitate to go to Scotland, it is worth! The driving is perfectly fine and the country is amazing.