Hi everyone,Lacock Abbey

We are back with some new experiences which we had during our first weeks.

We’ve visited Lacock, which is a small town nearby. Some scenes of Harry Potter and other movies were shoted here. Beside this, it’s worth to see the Abbey, have a nice walk down the narrow streets and take a look at the beautiful old buildings.

But beside these weekend trips, we experience new things during the weekdays as well, when we’re working. As you know we’re the first interns of ESPA working in the agency’s office. We’re here to help Madeline and Colin with their work to give the opportunity of having the internship in the UK to as many students as possible. Luckily we’ve quite diverse things to do, so it’s not just that we can learn new stuffs, but also won’t get bored. 🙂

View from our office to Milsom StreetThe ESPA office can be found on 15 Milsom Street, which is in the city center, so it’s great that in lunch time we can walk around here. Of course the streets are full of tourists, but luckily we can always find a place to eat our sandwiches or whatever we get for lunch. Here in the city center you can find the well-known brands, but also local shops. Most of the sight is also here, so you can find everything at one place.

Hope you keep following us and you got interested in spending your internship in the UK. 😉