BathHi everyone,

The two of us (Chloé and Adél) are the new interns of ESPA, and we have just started to work!

We’ve organized the whole thing since 2 months and couldn’t wait to start the work here in the UK.

After weeks of excitement and waiting we have finally arrived to Bath. Chloé came by car from her hometown Ploemeur (France) and I (Adél) took the plane from our capital, Budapest (Hungary). We brought beautiful, sunny weather to the English people, which they aren’t used to, hopefully they’ll get used to us being in the town. 🙂

Bath, beside being a typical English town, is full of tourists. It’s not a surprise, because there are lot of things to see. We haven’t visited every places yet, but we plan to do it. We already have many pictures about the town and it’s buildings. We took the double-decker which has two type of routes, one is the city-tour and the other is called the skyline and goes around the city. We were sitting on the top, so we got a light breeze and a great view as well. There was also a commentary during the tour so we got some information about Bath and it’s history. It’s really worth to take the bus for the first view of the town!

We have also had our first BBQ here! One of our flatmate took us to meet her English friends in the Victoria park (which is named after Queen Victoria of course, and was also visited by her when it first opened). The weather was perfect for this type of program and we had a really good time!

This is all, right now, but we’re going to write about everything we experience here, and put some photos on the Facebook page so it’ll be worth to check that too.