What did you like the most during your Internship?

That work experience truly helped me to assert myself at work and about what I want for my career. Since I didn’t have any experiences abroad longer than one month, it was a wonderful opportunity to be tested in an international environment. That internship was definitively rewarding for my career and myself.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

Fitting in this new environment was easy because of the warm welcoming of Datactics’ employees as much as people from ESPA UK and more precisely people from Intern Europe, ESPA’s sister company in Belfast. I was already relieved from the stress of looking for an accommodation since ESPA took care of it and Datactics took care of the bill during the entire internship. Regarding the adaptation to the work environment, the open arms of my colleagues and several social activities helped us to quickly build a great spirit team and it even felt like family.

How was your time spent outside working hours?

Belfast is a wonderful city with plenty of pubs and restaurants with an amazing historical heritage. Its population is diverse in every way: people from different nationalities and different ages but one thing for sure, a warm welcoming is always there. All of those qualities also apply to Northern Ireland itself with worldwide well-known gorgeous landscapes that I had discovered during a few trips made there. Having my own project and still being aware of the other clients’ projects was also a great environment to grow and work with this supporting team.

How satisfied were you with ESPA’s services and accommodation?

Even today, I’m still trying to find something that ESPA UK could have improved but what ESPA brings to their interns is peerless. A great host company delivering interesting work, a fine accommodation and a real desire to make that placement for the intern an excellent work and life experience. What else can we ask?