What did you like the most during your Internship?

I enjoyed working with an international team, having my own projects and especially, having a feeling that I was trusted by my colleagues and management about my delivered results.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

I had great housemates that were also ESPA interns. Therefore, they were happy to show me around, take me out, and teach me more about British culture. Adding to that, people around me were very friendly and welcoming, so I did not have any difficulties adapting to the new environment

How was your time spent outside working hours?

Outside my working hours, I have been discovering the rest of the UK (Bristol, London, Brighton, Scotland) and got to know that there is sooo much that the UK can offer. Besides that, I have been having a part time job where I got to experience British theatre, live concerts, festivals, etc. I also adored hanging out in cosy coffee places and bustling pubs.

How satisfied were you with ESPA’s services and accommodation?

Completely brilliant – nothing to add. I had an amazing huge room which was perfectly located. ESPA was always here if I needed any repairs.