What were your main tasks during your Internship?

Recruiting candidates for companies and maintaining a good relationship with both parties (companies and students).

What did you like the most during your Internship?

What I liked the most were mainly the challenging tasks that I had to perform during my 6 months and the friendly work environment at ESPA. Also, I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends, who then became family, which is also a highlight of my stay.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

I tried my best not to expect anything before coming so I can have an open mind of what this experience had to offer me.

How was your time spent outside working hours?

At ESPA, we are encouraged to socialise outside of work and the company organised dinners, Christmas trips (to Belfast!). Apart from that, I had the time to do sports and enjoy night outs with friends.

How satisfied were you with ESPA’s services and accommodation?

Was perfect! 10/10