What were your main tasks during your Internship?

Develop the marketing and business strategy on the French Market (social media, marketing partners, potential buyers, etc.)

What did you like the most during your Internship?

The atmosphere in the company and how friendly my coworkers are but also the experience of being abroad.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

Very easily, I immediately felt as a team member.

How was your time spent outside working hours?

At the beginning I travelled a lot around Ireland but as I had to write a thesis for University, I had to stop travelling after a while. I enjoyed spending my weekends wandering around town and spend some time with my local and international friends. Derry is a lively city with a lot happening (Foyle Festival, Music Festivals, etc.) The nightlife in Northern Ireland is also an experience not to be missed.

How satisfied were you with ESPA’s services and accommodation?

Very satisfied, everything went very smoothly for me. The accommodation was perfect and well located. And I knew that if I needed help about anything I could ask ESPA for help.