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Protein Works have been welcoming International interns from ESPA for more than five years. During that time, more than 30 students have worked with the company on 6-month internships, complementing its full-time team of more than 100 staff.

The cost-efficiency of internship recruitment helped Protein Works maintain its progress without full hires.

“As a team it allowed us to keep a good level of expertise in the team, and balance off the cost efficiency with the resource investment these students thrive off . It’s a win, win situation.”

Through its 30+ placements to date, ESPA has learned much about what Protein Works needs in its interns.

 “Over the years we have been able to really refine what a good intern candidate for Protein Works looks like. They need a certain skill level, particular interest, and be the right kind of person – we’re quite tight on our culture. ESPA is really good at understanding those needs.”


You can download the full story of ESPA and The Protein works to know more : ESPA and The Protein Works.

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