What Did You Like The Most During Your Internship?

The environment and the atmosphere . The people are especially nice and kind because they always want to help you in every situation, even If they cannot help you- they will try. I have only good experience with them.

How Did You Adapt To Your New Environment?

You arrive into a new environment with different culture so it is completely normal to feel a little lost. But ESPA team make it seem really easy. I made some friendship bonds between my flatmates and with other Erasmus + students

How Was Your Time Spent Outside Working Hours?

The atmosphere was really cool. This experience was about travelling, making new friends and experiencing a new culture. Experience the food, culture, walk, visit everything I could visit and didn’t stop. Every day it was a new adventure for me.

How Satisfied Were You With ESPA’s Services And Accommodation?

ESPA people were always available and ready to help with questions or concerns I might had. The accommodation was as expected since the beginning. I gained valuable insights with this internship and had a wonderful experience I thank ESPA who made it possible.