What made you want to do an internship in the UK?

Nowadays is quite hard to find a job without any experience, so I decided to look into what kind of internship opportunities are out there. I luckily stumbled upon ESPA and decided to give it a try. Also, the UK has a lot of opportunities to offer in the IT and Research departments, which are the areas of my interest.

How did you find ESPA’s process and ESPA’s support before and during the internship?

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I received a response from ESPA after registering. I have to admit that I’ve been quite picky about the offers, and would like to thank the ESPA team for their patience and calling me every time they received a suitable internship request for me. I felt like the whole ESPA experience went seamlessly; from the interviewing process, through couple of nervous weeks on waiting for a reply, to getting settled and starting my internship.

How has your internship through been so far and what have you enjoyed the most?

The internship has been an interesting and enjoyable experience. I met and worked with so many great people, and was lucky to be a part of a wonderful team that helped me get to where I am. I also hung out, outside of our working hours, with other ESPA interns working in the company, by simply exploring England’s country side and sharing our UK experience together.

Where have you been living?

I have been living in London in a private household with a landlady, who was very welcoming and friendly. She was very helpful with any advice or help I needed to not get lost in the big city jungle! It is really hard to find a nice and decent room here, so I consider myself to be lucky that ESPA found a real gem, and that all the major expenses were covered, as London is not the most affordable place to live in! In the end, I wasn’t even annoyed with my 45 minutes daily commute to the office.

How has this experience benefited your professional and personal life?

In the best way possible! From just seeking experience I have ended up being a permanent employee in my internship’s company, but am still adapting to the UK lifestyle (especially the weather and food!).

What are your future plans/Goals?

My plan is the same as always. To simply enjoy life, and seize any opportunity that comes along in the best way possible!