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Paul Hardwick, the group’s Head of Digital, has worked with ESPA UK since 2018, to bring in smart digital and marketing interns to support digital projects and services. He has been happy with the results to date:

“We have had many ESPA interns over the years, including some real superstars – two of whom we recruited into the team afterwards.”

Paul is committed to ensuring that the company invests effort in ensuring that the interns benefit, as well as the company.

“Internships make sense for us as a business. Recruiting in this way helps us create consistency and quality of outputs, because we can coach and nurture any individual who is interested in a particular field like design, content, or copywriting. We can potentially gain a good new team member after the internship, who knows us, whom we know and trust.”


You can download the full story of ESPA and IVC Evidensia works to know more : ESPA and IVC Evidensia.

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