Get familiar with our recruitment process. 

ESPA UK creates internship opportunities for Erasmus students in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We strive to make applying for our vacancies straightforward and stress-free. 

1. Register on our website

Please fill out the registration form and attach your CV in English.  

*In case you have issues with the Submit button, please disable your AdBlock and try again. If this does not solve the issue, email us at edu@espauk.com

2. Apply for the internships you are interested in

All our internship roles are published here. Once you are registered, you can apply for multiple internships that you are interested in. When you click on the Apply Now button, you will automatically submit all the information you’ve filled in the registration form, including your CV. You don’t have to fill out a form and send your CV separately for each new role.

3. Our Talent Team will review your application

Mark, Rhys and Marika are part of our Talent Team. They will review your profile and get in touch with you. You will get an email with additional questions, before we proceed further with your application.  

 4. First Interview with ESPA

A Talent Team member will invite you for your 1st Interview with us. During the interview you will get more information about the host company, the internship role and the Visa application process. You will then receive our Cover Letter guide to help you write the perfect cover letter for the specific role. 

5. Sign Commitment Agreement

By signing it you confirm that you are interested in the internship and that you agree your profile to be submitted to the host company for further review. 

6. Second Interview – With the host company 

After the 1st interview with ESPA UK, 5-10 applicants will be put on a shortlist and will get a 2nd interview with the host company. After the interview, the host company will choose the best candidate for the role.  If you are not selected, do not worry, our team will propose other suitable roles for you.

 7. Sign the Internship Agreement

When the host company decides that you are the perfect fit for the role, you can finally sign the internship agreement- a document that describes your daily tasks and working hours. Get in touch with the internship coordinator at your university, to discuss your Erasmus grant and Visa application.

8. Call with our Accommodation Manager

We provide all interns with free accommodation including all utility bills. You will have a call with our exceptional accommodation manager – Claire, to discuss all the details about your arrival in the United Kingdom.  

9. You will receive a welcome pack.

We will send you a welcome pack from our office in Bath to your new accommodation in the UK.

 10. Ready, set, go – Start your internship!

Enjoy your internship abroad! You will learn a lot and gain practical experience, but also don’t forget to have fun and explore the UK in your free time!


ESPA UK provides all of the Erasmus students with guidance to navigate the new Tier 5 Visa requirements. The main benefits for the students using our services are the free accommodation, paid bills and when necessary also a commuter ticket for the entire length of their internship.
* There are no fees for students or universities to use our services. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to get updates about our most exciting internships!