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We asked some of our past and present interns this question “What has your ESPA experience meant to you?” This is what they said…

“ESPA gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, including my strengths and weaknesses, to broaden my knowledge in various fields, to feel adapted and integrated from the first day and the development real friendship.”
Tina, Croatia


“Within just a few weeks, ESPA has helped me find an internship in England which I enjoy to the fullest. And even now that I am here, ESPA supports me and it feels like they care about every intern’s wellbeing. Also the people I am working with are great and I think an internship abroad broadens your mind and lets you see things from different perspectives.”
Lea, Germany

“Spending my internship at ESPA was one of the best opportunities in my whole life! I realized that I’m capable of more things than I thought, and gained some self-confidence, and many experiences both connected to work and everyday life. If they asked me to go back to the UK, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to do so! European Student Placement Agency”



“I have done a few internships abroad and I can honestly say that no hosting organization has ever been as helpful as ESPA with settling all the organizational hassles that eventually arise (legal, housing…). They made me feel very welcome from the beginning and organized numerous after-work events with other interns in the area.”
Laurin, Austria

Happy new year

“Last year, as well as two years ago, I had the amazing opportunities to come to the UK to do an internship, thanks to ESPA. I learnt so much working for British companies (ESPA UK and Asbestostrip Ltd). It gave me the international comprehension of business I needed to develop my skills. Those two experiences allowed me to find jobs in foreign countries easily. I am very thankful to have encountered ESPA in my life, and I look forward to do my last internship in the UK with them next July, as I know they will provide me the best experience possible.”
Chloé, France

“If it wasn’t for ESPA I would have never had this amazing opportunity to spend six months in Belfast, United Kingdom working at Datactics – Data Quality Management Company. It was a life changing experience (and the best one I have ever had so far) – living in a foreign country, working in a great company with amazing people, visiting new places, getting to know new culture, improving foreign language skills. I am very grateful to ESPA for very kind and generous assistance during all this incredible experience.”

Justina, Lithuania

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“An exceptional service for a student – housing and travel expenses are all arranged, a way to develop yourself as a professional and a good way to learn something about a different culture. ESPA will help you at every time.”
Bob, Netherlands


“If you are looking for place where you want to start your career or just develop yourself professionally and personally, do yourself a favour and choose UK.
It is one of world leading economies where hard work is much appreciated, friendliness within company is guaranteed and promotion is always behind the corner waiting for committed ones.
ESPA will help you in finding that perfect fit and deal with all legal stuff and paperwork. With many years of experience they make things go smooth as possible.
Thanks to ESPA process of finding internship, accommodation and all that goes along was done in less than 2 weeks in my case. Altogether it was such a wonderful experience that I am considering to go back to UK again. Thank you ESPA!”
Domagoj, Finland