Tina – being a sport addict as I like to call her -, Madeline – loving to run -, and I (Cynthia) – never liked running but willing to take it more seriously – decided it would be fun to do a 10K run together.

The Corsham 10K run took place on Sunday 27 April 2014. It is usually a small event, but this year, more than 1,000 people registered! The route through the countryside was lovely to experience, if you take away the pain of running ;).

The weather ended up being alright compared to the expected forecast. We only had some mizzle from time to time which was quite appreciated and refreshing whilst running.

Madeline, Cynthia & Tina after the run!

Tina and I did a better time than expected, with 1:02:40 for Tina, 1:06:31 for me. But Madeline did a great job with 1:01:41 !

We all know we can do better and are already thinking about doing another 10K run.

Stay tuned for that !

– Cynthia


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