Hello folks !

Hope you are all following our blog and you are just waiting for another update from our side 😉 If you haven’t read our introduction post yet, you can find it here. Today, I (Tina) will give you a short update about our adventures on the British island.


So, what has been happening over here is that Cynthia and I tried to get deeply into the British culture. For this purpose, we decided to leave our gorgeous city of Bath for  a “field trip” to Cardiff, Wales. We were told we would get a better understanding of this country if we experience a rugby game day.


Last Saturday was the final game day of the Six Nation (if you have no idea of that – don’t worry, we had no clue before we got here either 😉 Click here to find out more

So, on Saturday Wales vs Scotland played in Cardiff and we watched all the games (there was Ireland vs France and England vs Italy as well) in a Pub. It was quite hard to understand the rules but Cynthia and a Welsh friend did their best to explain them to me.


It was good fun and we enjoyed watching the games and also the people in Cardiff, as the Scots were running around in kilts, playing the bagpipe. The atmosphere was pretty relaxed after the games and the Scottish partied on even though they lost. And also, Ireland won the championship that day !

St. Patrick’s Day in Bristol

For St Patrick’s Day, we wanted to celebrate in Irish pubs so we took the bus to Bristol after work to enjoy the amazing Irish atmosphere.

Everybody was happy, singing and dancing to Irish songs. Authentic Irish people were even rocking the Irish flag as a skirt and/or a cape !
We met lovely people and had an amazing time. We also took a photo with a Leprechaun which was hilarious!