Hello guys,

I know we haven’t posted for a while, but we had so much to do. At the beginning of September our new colleague Jessica has arrived from Germany. She speaks 5 languages so you can imagine that she is a huge help to get in contact with different nations’ universities. We think she likes to be here and work with us, because she hasn’t complained yet. 🙂

Some new placements came in and we wanted to get in contact with as many universities as possible to reach the students with these offers. But all the hard work was paid of and get some really strong candidates who could be introduced to the companies as well. We know there are still lots of students who want to do an internship and don’t know how to find one. So guys if you didn’t know ESPA from your university then you can share in a comment which is your school and we can get in contact with the international office. With them we could help you and your classmates, and friends as well.

Stonehenge2So let’s have a short report about a place worth to visit in the UK. I have visited Stonehenge in August. I thought that the weather will get worse just in autumn so let’s choose a sunny summer day for this travel. Of course as we arrived with the bus there it started to rain. What a surprise! It was quite challenging to hold the umbrella (the wind was quite strong as well), take photos with the camera and also listen audio guide. I tell you it’s almost impossible. Still it was an amazing experience, to see this incredible edifice made by humans THOUSAND of years ago! Amazing!Stonehenge2

If you like to visit movie locations is worth to go as well, because some scenes of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World was shot there. Even more interesting huh?

On the website www.stonehenge.co.uk

you can find some ideas how to get there, but I’d recommend you to visit Bath and as I did take the bus of Scarper Tours. Just don’t forget to make a reservation because it’s a small bus and gets full quickly.

I hope that once you can visit Stonehenge as well. It’s definitely something to write on the bucket list.