Rodrigo – Brand and Customer Experience Intern

What Did You Like The Most During Your Internship?

I really appreciated the opportunity to communicate and learn from managers with extensive experience in the field. Apart from that, I have been able to see how real life marketing decisions are made in a big organisation.

How Did You Adapt To Your New Environment?

I usually adapt very easily to new environments, but London is a particular city where commuting time is usually long and everything is fast speed. That was a bit trickier for me to adapt to, but otherwise, work environment is very welcoming.

How Was Your Time Spent Outside Working Hours?

I have often gathered with colleagues inside the office common areas. We organised dinners and social drinks in nearby pubs as well. We eventually organised small parties in someone’s house.

How Satisfied Were You With ESPA’s Services And Accommodation?

I am happy with ESPA’s services, the staff is very responsive and human. The accommodation was as expected since the beginning, and was sufficiently comfortable for four people. As a minor point, the location close to Sudbury Hill is not practical in my opinion.