Nandhini Govindaraj – Brand and Customer excellence

What Did You Like The Most During Your Internship?

The work environment was amazing. We work was the best place to work. My manger Daniel was outstanding, I really enjoyed working with him and with my teammates.

How Did You Adapt To Your New Environment?

As stated earlier the new environment is awesome. London was beautiful which made me feel excited and energised.

How Was Your Time Spent Outside Working Hours?

London is beautiful city with a lot of things to do. I had visited the most amazing tourist spots like the London eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower bridge etc. It was once in lifetime experience.

How Satisfied Were You With ESPA’s Services And Accommodation?

I found ESPA through my school portal. The Interview process was professional. I was impressed by the service quality, especially the ESPA team, Monica was very much helpful and supportive. I had few visa issues initially that time the way she guided me through all the steps made me feel comfortable and assured. Overall, I had a gained valuable insights with this internship and had a wonderful experience I thank ESPA who made it possible.