Menia – Project Engineer

What Did You Like The Most During Your Internship?

The challenges that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Every day is different, which made the internship really interesting.

How Did You Adapt To Your New Environment?

Fairly easily, have lived abroad again so it was a smooth and quick adaptation for me.

How Was Your Time Spent Outside Working Hours?

Mostly, going out in the city I was working or nearby ones, travelling abroad some times or travelling within UK. Going to the cinema, the theatre or visiting local bars.

How Satisfied Were You With ESPA’s Services And Accommodation?

ESPA people were always available and ready to help with questions or concerns I might had. Accommodation wasn’t that great. The place is really old and dirty. I moved out already once at the beginning and was really difficult to find a nice place the second time as we are limited to choose the specific agency.