Luca, Data Analyst Intern


Data Analyst Intern



At the final stage of a Master’s degree in accounting and finance, I decided to add some work experience to my curriculum and potentially do research for my thesis at the same time.

As an Italian man graduating from Finland, my possibilities here were somewhat narrowed by employers demanding fluent Finnish language skills. That is when I decided to glance overseas, towards the UK.

I came across ESPA UK quite randomly, searching the web. I decided that uploading my CV onto their database could do no harm. Within days, an ESPA staff member got back to me with an appealing data analyst position in Belfast. Two rounds of interviews were arranged via Skype, and my placement was confirmed within two weeks.

ESPA UK provided me with accommodation and were very helpful in facilitating the start of my placement. Now six months have passed and I can only recommend them to you. They offer a remarkably useful service, and on top of that, they are good people.

Having someone to select for me a good employer and an honest landlord allowed me to concentrate all my energies on the job. As for today, I was asked to carry on with the company and I still live in Belfast.

None this would have happened without ESPA, so once again a big thank you. For any student out there looking for a fresh start and a formative adventure, you are probably browsing the right webpage.

All the best