Domagoj Omazić, Administration and Business Intern

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Domagoj Omazić
23 years old
Administration and Business Intern
Location: Belfast (Northern Ireland)
June 2015 – December 2015


What made you want to do an internship in the UK/Ireland?

I was looking to improve my spoken English and where is a better place to do so than in UK. Aside of that I was looking for international experience that would improve my CV and make me more competitive on the market. Big factor was also that UK is one of leading economies in the world so I thought it would be great to test my skills in such a competitive economy.

How has your internship through been so far and what have you enjoyed the most? 

I really enjoyed my internship because of an amazing team within the company, everyone was so friendly, supportive and we also established good friendship outside of work. On the other side I also enjoyed helping young individuals from all over the Europe to adapt to new country and culture. International spirit within the company and students is what really made my internship unforgettable.

 Where have you been living? 

I’ve been living in Belfast (approximately 25 min from city centre). The city itself is small and very compact, you can get from any part of the town to the city centre within 25 min (walking) which is very cool, no excuses to be lazy and travel with motor vehicles. As I come from Croatia which is very green country, I got to say that I was amazed with number of parks, forest and gardens that this little city has. When it comes to people it is the same story, they are even more friendly and helpful than my compatriots. Accommodation was very good, everything was usable and in good shape due to my outstanding landlord Gerry. I shared the house with 4 other people (three of them were Irish and one was Spanish).

What are your future plans/Goals?

In close future my goal is to find a sports/nutrition company where I can achieve top position. In distant future I hope to have my own business connected to sports or nutrition.