Chloé, Market Researcher Intern

21 years old
Market Researcher Intern

I am a student in a French Business School. Each year, we have to do an internship as part of a compulsory course.

I had been looking for an internship for about 8 months before finding one.

I started in October to look for a placement in the UK and in Ireland, where I wanted to find out more about the way of working there. I called every export company from the Yell pages but did not succeed to find any opportunity. I then started to look for agencies which specialise in finding placements for students. I was really disappointed to realise that most of them charge us high fees. But among those agencies, I found ESPA. I visited their website and realised that they provided free service for students. First, I was a little sceptical as it was the first free agency I found. But I had nothing to lose so I registered on their website. I received an answer only one or two days later, and a Skype interview was booked. I met Madeline Blackburn, one of their two directors. She was really lovely to me and explained me how they can provide free internships. She soon started looking for a company in which I could do my internship.

After few months looking for a company that would agree to hire me as an intern, I started to lose hope. So I began to look for an internship in France. But even in France I couldn’t find anything that could fit my School’s requirements.

When a started to think that I would not do any internship this year, ESPA got back to me, and proposed that I do my placement as a member of the ESPA team. They explained the role to me and I gladly accepted.

I had the best experience in Bath working for ESPA. I’ve been amazingly welcomed by the two directors of ESPA, who really took care of me and the other intern during our stay. They made sure that we experienced every part of the company, that we had the best overview of the different tasks.

During those months of internship, I took part in every step, from the registration of the students to finding the best and most suitable placement for them.

My job was to develop the partnerships with European Universities, to register the students, the find new host companies, to update the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the website.…

The directors of ESPA gave me the opportunity to be a real member of ESPA by giving me responsibilities and by considering me as an employee and not only as an “intern working for them only for a few months”. I worked on my own, and made my own schedule during the day. Some days I worked on the universities, and some others I worked on the companies…

Madeline and Colin Blackburn gave me the great opportunity to go to business meetings with them where I discovered the real life of a business person.

It was so grateful to see that I really did something for the company, that I brought my knowledge in Spanish, French and marketing to help the company.

This placement made me changes my plans for future. When I arrived in the company, I wanted to work in a big English company in the Export department. But after those months working with ESPA, I realised that I would like to work in a smaller company where people care about others. And of course in the UK, where I have been amazingly welcomed by ESPA and where I made really good friends.

I am really thankful to ESPA for giving me the wonderful opportunity to work for them, to having given me their trust and faith.

This internship was by far my best experience. I will really miss working for ESPA.