Brage Ismark – Associate, Innovation Incubator

What did you like the most during your internship?

Friendly colleagues, supportive leadership, and of course the variety of London. I built a professional network and friends for life.

How did you adapt to your new environment?

I arrived in London a few days before my internship started and got everything sorted out, e.g. SIM card, bed sheets, etc. Adapting to a new country, people and work happen naturally over time; it’s part of the experience.

How was your time spent outside working hours?

Exploring London together with the other ESPA interns and friends and family who visited. We saw the famous sights, museums, comedy shows, restaurants, pubs, clubs, markets, architecture, art, theatre, ballet, and many other things. I also enjoy cooking and was intrigued by having a gas stove (uncommon back home).

How satisfied were you with ESPA’s services and accommodation?

I had two main channels to contact ESPA; email and WhatsApp. Both worked well and any question or request was answered quickly. The flat was what I expected; clean and simple and included basic necessities. The landlord was also very quick to respond to any inquiries.