Bob Van Dartel, Marketing and Business Development Intern

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Bob van Dartel
22 years old
Marketing and Business Development Intern
Location: Middleton (UK)
September 2015 – March 2016

What made you want to do an internship in the UK/Ireland?

Firstly, I am an ambitious student of the Rotterdam Business School. In the third year of the course you need to do an internship. I was triggered by the UK through my special interest for London and the culture. I wanted to explore more about it. Secondly, I wanted to explore if I would like to work in an English environment now and in the future. Thirdly, I wanted to improve my English.


How did you find ESPA’s process and ESPA’s support before and during the internship?

ESPA is being helpful at all times. When I registered myself to the program, I immediately got a response from them about my resume, asking where I would like to work. Within two weeks I got my first and second interview. Madeline Blackburn from ESPA contacted me straight after the two interviews with feedback and how it went. She sorted out everything for me: my contract, housing and all travel expenses queries.

Even when I had a problem during my internship regarding my housing, it was solved really quickly by Madeline. A really outstanding support for a student who is looking for an internship in the UK.

How has your internship been so far and what have you enjoyed the most?

My internship has been exciting so far. The host company is really fast pacing and has a great environment to work in as an intern. What I liked the most so far is probably the responsibility they have been given to me. If you prove you can handle responsibilities, you are proactive and you know how to deal with difficult situations, you are definitely at the right address for your internship here. I even won an outstanding contribution award for my achievements!

I enjoyed coordinating the first Tube Car Panels advertising at the London Underground and I being involved with the process of the new TV ads. The employees of the company are helpful and friendly. There have been several events after work, such as a Christmas Party dinner, visiting the Christmas Markets in Manchester etc.

Where have you been living?

I have been living in Fallowfield, a big student area, 20 minutes out of the city centre. It is a great area to live in. You are surrounded by numerous students, back in the Netherlands I am living with 24 others, so I wanted to have a vibrant house and area. I am currently living with 5 others and I have a good relationship with them all, especially with one other guy. We are going out together and watching films. You also can join different groups over here if you want to. I played football several times in the area, but also with my colleagues every Wednesday evening. The city is also great, within 20 minutes you are in the city centre and it has numerous sights that you can visit. I have been a couple of times to Manchester City and I am going to Manchester United in about two weeks! Lots of things to do around Manchester.

How has this experience benefited your professional and personal life? 

The internship has benefited enormously to my professional and personal life. Firstly, I didn’t know much about e-commerce companies and what they are doing. Now, I know the ins and outs of it! Secondly, as a student you are making your own schedule and now you have to be responsible in certain ways. You wake up at 7 am and you are working all day long. Thirdly, I developed a lot of skills, such as negotiating, improving my written and spoken English and I also had the ability to be an independent worker. Furthermore, being able to strongly organise my objectives and distinguish myself by outstanding achievements.

Living on your own is a big step forward in your life, but being on your own in a foreign country is an even bigger step. I learned a lot about myself as well and I think it is a great way to discover who you are, what your interests are and who you would like to become!

What are your future plans/Goals?

When I go back to the Netherlands, I will do my specialisation in International Business Communication. After this, I am planning to study abroad for 6 months in Spain and then writing my thesis in the Netherlands, hopefully for a big organisation again. I would like to do a master or being part of an international graduate program. Gaining experience is the most important for me after obtaining my bachelor and probably masters, to be sufficient enough to start my own business.


Other comments

An outstanding service for every student who is looking for an internship in the UK/Ireland.