Ana Luisa Lima Melo, Business Developer Intern


Ana Melo's Testimonial picture

Ana Luisa Lima Melo
23 years old

Business Developer Intern
Location: Bath (UK)
September 2015 – March 2016

What made you want to do an internship in the UK/Ireland?

I always liked England and intended to have an international experience here. I was always really curious about the country culture and there is also the language advantage since I started to learn English at a very young age. I also wanted to experience and understand a different business culture, since I’m from Portugal and studied management I thought it would be important for me to see how business is done in England.

How did you find ESPA’s process and ESPA’s support before and during the internship? 

ESPA’s process was amazing since the beginning, was very simple to apply and the all the information was always given to me. Since the first interview I felt the support and that ESPA was really there to help me, I will never forget that despite the fact that I was applying for one vacancy they immediately spoke on the first skype interview about another option I might be interested in case I didn’t get that specific internship. Tips were given to me about improving my CV and the replies to my emails always happen in less than 24 hours. That made me feel really secure and confident and it made a difference when I had to decide if I would accept the internship or not. That support carried on during the internship and I know I can always count on ESPA to help me with any problems or issues, or even to support my achievements.

How has your internship through been so far and what have you enjoyed the most?

My internship has been great and it was an amazing experience. The environment in the company is just perfect. I’m really lucky to be working within the ESPA team. Our team is the exact reflection of what we believe in and the purpose of what ESPA do. We are all young international students who are really passionate about our work and we also get along very well and always help each other. I’ve been learning a lot professionally, not only with the work itself but also with my international colleagues and the different ways they work.

Where have you been living? 

I’ve visited Bath before I moved here and I already knew how beautiful the city was, it is just lovely. And a really good to enjoy the city life with the people I met so far. I’m sharing the house with other 3 international interns and has been great. We all get along very well and we often receive other friends in our house since we have space enough to do. The weekends are definitely very pleasant, enjoying the city during the day and just meet great people during the evenings. But even during the week it is really nice to go back home and spend some time with my housemates.

How has this experience benefited your professional and personal life? 

This experience is making a big difference in my professional life and making me grow as a person. After finishing my bachelor I really needed and wanted to have a work experience so I thought it would help me decide what I want for my future and also understand if what I studied before was actually the right thing for me. In this internship I already realised that study management was the right thing for me but I’m now getting the skills that nobody teaches at university. I’ve been complementing my knowledge and developing new skills while improving others. From a personal perspective this is the start of a new stage of my life. I have finished university, started to work from 9 to 5, and all that way from home… Every day I learn a lesson and I’m definitely changing and growing.

What are your future plans/Goals?

This experience allowed me to realise that I definitely want to have an international career and work in different countries throughout my life.