Alex Fernandez, Placements Supervisor

Alex Fernandez's Testimonial picture

Alex Fernandez
28 years old
Started as Human Resources Intern / Currently Placements Supervisor
Location : Bath (UK)
October 2014 – Current 

What made you want to do an internship in the UK/Ireland?

Due to my international background and the difficulties the economy of my home country is going through at the moment, I took the decision of researching the UK as a potential market to start my career and I found that the possibilities and the situation here in the UK adjust better to my professional expectations.

How did you find ESPA’s process and ESPA’s support before and during the internship?

One of the main reasons why I chose to come and work for ESPA as an intern was the big support they offered to me from the very beginning and first interviews, where I could see and value things that are important to me. Regarding the process, we have been working on it and I believe it has become better and more efficient and we will keep working to improve it.

How has your internship been so far and what have you enjoyed the most?

My internship here in ESPA has been pretty constructive so far and I am learning quite a lot, I am sure I will be able to use what I am learning here in my future, both professional and personal. Also, the company’s environment is very relaxed and easy to work in.

Where have you been living?

The house and my room were ready since the first night I arrived to Bath and I have lived in the same place since then, sharing with different housemates from Korea, China, France, Portugal and Spain, having in general a good coexistence and a lot of fun and get-togethers.

The city of Bath is very beautiful and nice to live in, I adapted here quickly and made some friends as well, there are so many people from different countries here so you can benefit from that. Also, there are a lot of things to do and there is always people with the same hobbies or that practice the sport you are looking for. Only if the weather was better!

How has this experience benefited your professional and personal life?

Professionally, I hugely benefited from it as I have learnt a lot so far and I got the opportunity of redirecting my career to what I am more interested in. After several months as an intern, I got the full time job and that was one step further that has allowed me to keep developing my work here as well as to keep growing as a person.

What are your future plans/Goals?

I really want to see where I can get till with ESPA here, we have grown substantially during the past year and I believe we can keep doing it and making the company bigger and bigger. Regarding my distant future, I would like to get more and more experience and become a better professional in HR & Recruitment.